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About Us!

Trainer History 

      Katie began riding horses when she was twelve years old, but was in love with them from the moment she set eyes on one.  She started as a hunter/jumper going to local schooling shows and leasing a few horses as she progressed.  After three years of riding and leasing she finally bought her first horse, and she did some research and found three day eventing, and decided to try her hand at it.  She found a barn close to home and began taking lessons from Lynn Klisavage and Nicole Ackerman.   She also had the great opportunity to be a working student for Olympic Eventing team selctor, Mark Weissbecker.  At Mark's she worked with many off the track thoroughbreds.   Watching them move up the levels Katie discovered a love of off the track horses.   Seeing the upper levels of eventing and watching some of the best horse and rider combinations in the world, her desire to compete at the highest level became stronger than ever.  Katie bought her current horse Harry and the two of them have been very successful at Preliminary. With the help of Pamela McNair and Simon Eades Katie plans to move him up to Intermediate soon. "I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have had all the help and support from those around me. I truly could not do it without you. Here is to a bright future for all in this journey. Thank You!"


Lessons, training, and sales are offered in the Aiken area of South Carolina.  Katie is currently based at Full Gallop Farm but is happy to travel to other farms if that works better for you.  Please contact her for more information.

Fees and Pricing

$30/hour, 3 or more riders/hour $25 each.

Training: $25 per ride

$15 per lunge

Catch rides
(in clinics, shows or with other trainers): $20/hour and horse owner pays all other fees

Trip Fees:
Trip fees vary with the distance and start at $5/ trip

Sales: Contracts vary. Typically, a 10% commission on sale of horse, a 5% finders fee to find a horse for a client, and all sale expenses covered by client.